What I'm Doing

By: jeannette

2009-08-31 14:32:27

I'm currently working with Arduino Diecimilas as the back end for several of my "light and sound" artworks that will be displayed in my upcoming show this September. For sound I'm using Adafruit's wavshield. It's the first time I have included electronics in my work and it makes me feel a bit like throwing up and cheering at the same time.

However, I am smitten. I do wish I was a bit more brainy about Ohm's Law and things like that, as I have several toasted LEDs that I am considering making necklaces out of.

I'll include images of my work this weekend, and perhaps I'll put the wavshield piece up on YouTube so you may ogle it freely.

I look forward to coming to a meeting soon!

I live and work in Vancouver, Washington.

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