Arduino vs Raspberry PI

Submitted by jamesphillips1977 on Fri, 2013-01-11 14:39

Ok - so I'm new to this - The Raspberry Pi got a lot more press than the Arduino and I jumped on board the Raspberyy Pi train without knowing the options.

My goal was to build a doorbell to solve the problem of not hearing it in all parts of the house (3 stories).

I followed this blog

and it works - uses Python to detect a change of state when the button is pushed on one of the GPIOs - constant voltage state is 1 and when you press the doorbell it drops to zero - you have to hold the button in, for maybe a second, for it to reach zero.  The script only detects a change so triggers the message/mp3 to tell us someone is at the door.


The trouble is it goes off way too often (maybe 8 times a day) on it's own.  Nobody has pressed it.  Something is making the voltage drop slightly on the Raspberry PI.


Is this because I need shiedling?  Would an Arduino solve it for me?  Which should I go for - something like:


I'd welcome any feedback...  Cheers James

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Hi James,

thanks for joining the website, but it's not really intended as a help forum. You'd be better off and more likely to get a response by posting to the mailing list. You can find the links to subscribe to them in the left-hand sidebar.