Cables for DorkbotPDX Programmers (updated for Duce).


2008-06-27 16:20:57

In the course of the Arduino Cult Induction series and the group purchases, I have evolved several versions of the DorkbotPDX programmer and released them into the wild. Unfortunately the pinouts for the programming cable have evolved with the programmers so the cables are unique to each. With the Duce, the pinout is based on a standard (the stk500) and will not change. . Here is a quick guide to cables for the DorkbotPDX programming boards for the rbba and the dorkboard.

Benito7 rev G (1000 boards fabricated -- most of them sold to ps2 hackers)

Benito7 rev a (26 known to be in the wild 16 from Sunstone 10 hand rolled)

Cables for the benito7 should look like this.

Winston (rev3) -- hand rolled,

(at least 50 known to be have been released into the wild)

The winston board was my first usb to serial programming board.
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