Dorkbot PDX at Maker Faire

By: earfeast

2009-05-31 00:23:44

Dorkbot PDX is well-represented at Maker Faire. I think there's about seven of us here right now. Brian and I are at the Make: TV booth, talking about our Make: TV episode dispenser -- a machine that copies episodes of Make: TV onto people's USB drives.

It's been working reliably and people seem to dig it -- not bad for a project that didn't really do anything useful until Thursday at 1AM...

The basic configuration is a VIA mini-ITX motherboard running Gentoo Linux, plugged via USB into a Teensy++ board, hacked into a MOSFET power controller board I had made. The Teensy++ controls the lights and panel meters and scans the switches. The Linux computer runs some Python scripts that orchestrate everything, and also perform the actual copying of the episode files to the USB drive.

Thanks to Brian (hacking on code and helping out), Dorkbot PDX (general moral support), and James Provost (the graphic designer), and my dad for helping with the woodworking.

To all the other PDX-Dorks at Maker Faire -- post about what's going on with you when you have a chance!

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