Solder Paste Source

By: doctek

2010-01-06 10:17:28

Lots of folks have asked about where to get solder paste for surface mount work (after the workshop). Here's that info for reference.

Digikey Solder paste part numbers: > SMD291SNL-ND 5cc Tube $14.25 > SMD291SNL10-ND 10cc Tube $20.93

Local Vendor: General Tool on NW Nicolai This was reported in Blabber by Richard Harding back on 10/16/09. I haven't tried them myself, but here's what Richard had to say: quote:

I was referred there by the guy at URS, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they not only had the solder paste I was looking for, but they actually had several people there that knew what the hell they were talking about, were familiar with the product, and were able to make suggestions as to which type to buy based on my schizophrenic description of the intended application. They even let me peruse their sample container for the applicator needles I needed.

end quote.

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