Future Portlander

By: Dockbot

2009-05-31 00:32:37

Very few people will find this blog of any use for now unless they are really new to C++ or microprocessors. I am much more valuable with mechanical and materials solutions for now. But, please feel free to ask for input on your projects. I don't get my feelings hurt easily if my suggestions are not utilized.  ;) I'll be in Portland permanently in the Fall of 2010. But, for now I still check my email daily. Feel free to contact dockterdan@hotmail.com with any mechanical mechatronics questions. I'll give you my take on your problem or more importantly I'll tell you right off if I don't have an answer. Hopefully, we can all save each other some time or inspire creativity.

Thanks everyone!

Dan (Dockbot) Dockter

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