stepper motors and cassette tapes, something I call the Ca.Step

By: Cutter Filtoff

2008-08-09 22:22:24

Hey all,

A friend directed me toward Dorkbot for help with my project. To put it most bluntly, I want to control a cassette tape with a pair of stepper motors via MIDI. From my research, I think the easiest way to build a prototype would be with a make controller programmed with MAX/MSP. My personal background is in studio engineering and production. I am knowledgeable in most forms of audio manipulation. Unfortunately I have yet to learn the ins and outs of MAX. My ultimate goal for this project is to release an open source Ca.Step device aimed at Djs and audio tinkerers, sort of like the Monome. If this product every reaches that level I can't say, although I would be perfectly happy with just making a few prototypes and having them for myself and fellow nerds.

If all this banter piques your interest, and you might be willing to lend your knowledge, please let me know. Just imagine the audio mayhem that could be accomplished with this sort of unit. Pseudo tape delay? Sure! Crazy audio scrubbing/scratching? Why not! Things I haven't even thought of? Undoubtedly!

I will be attending the next L.L. meeting if my schedule allows to further discuss my idea, and get to know everyone.



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