By: breedx

2007-09-11 21:51:18

(pushes glasses up on bridge of nose)

Just a reminder to all that tomorrow, Wednesday, September 12th, will be a casual gathering of Portland area dorkbot geeks! Bring a project! Bring a broken toy! Bring a piece of art or something that is dangerous or emits sparks! The point is...if you're doing something fun with electricity or want to meet or hang out with people who do fun things with circuitry, bring it on.

The meeting is at Vendetta on N. Williams in Portland...usually forms around 7:30 and disbands around 10pm, or whenever.

I'm hoping to demo a working/bootable audiopint with a simple, silly, and fun microphone and gamepad (joystick) based audio manipulation device. It would be really helpful if somebody could bring a battery-powered mini amp, otherwise we'll have to hack into the PA again.  :)

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