The Dickhole Keypiss MIDI controller

By: breedx

2009-07-28 21:33:57

I built this little midi controller to trigger samples and control a few Pd parameters: dickhole keypiss I posted a video of this in late May, but now that I've had a chance to document a few things, there is more information online. It's based on an old touchtone telephone keypad, a rotary encoder, a two digit LED display, and a USB-based AVR breakout board (the Teensy++). The PC board was hand-etched at home, and it's mounted in a solid white, repurposed jewelry or makeup box, purchased at the Goodwill. We used this both at toorcamp and at the Someday Lounge performance thing on July 17th. Click the above to view more images, read the brief technical spec, and to download the code and circuit/pcb design artifacts.
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