MEETING: THURSDAY 12/20 @ Backspace 7:00pm

By: breedx

2007-12-17 22:13:42

Hello DORKS. Why wait for 2008? We're ushering in the new year early with a trifecta of change: Change of day, change of time, and change of venue! Note: We're moving the casual meeting day to THURSDAY and moving the location to BACKSPACE in downtown Portland, and starting 30 minutes earlier at 7:00pm. While we certainly acknowledge that we cannot please everybody all the time, we generally feel that this will be a positive move for the group! The new location is more centrally located (instead of way up NoPo), well lit, all ages, and way more conducive to talking and even tinkering. This will be a casual meeting (not a formal/presentation style) where we can talk about projects and brainstorm the onslaught which will be 2008. Come on down, bring a friend, and bring your spark-shooting electronic iguana that you hacked with 12 microcontrollers and GPS.
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