Heard at PCB fabrication / Eagle workshop:

By: breedx

2009-11-30 22:39:21

Feurig taught a great Eagle PCB workshop this weekend and had a solid turnout with a bunch of fast-learning board hackers! Kudos!

As Feurig was about to place a pizza order, an utterly surreal and beautifully sarcastic moment happened. This is the exchange...

feurig: Is anyone here a vegetarian or vegan?
<crickets chirping in silence>
me: wow, that's gotta be a first in Portland workshop history!
mykle: well, I'm allergic to starches!
heckler#2: I'm allergic to carbon!
<laugh riot>

And really, the cadence was just perfect. I just absolutely had to share the LOL for those who weren't there.  ;)

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