By: breedx

2009-03-12 23:18:24

Save the date: Sunday afternoon, 3/29/2009 Where: PNCA, room 205, 1-5pm open lab Come join Dorkbot Portland for a four-hour geek-a-thon in the heart of the Perl (yes, I went there) District. Isotopes not required. What's all this then? A bunch of us will gather in the drawing studio in room 205 on 3/29 at 1pm to partake in a free-form workshop. Bring a pet project, tools, or simply your curiosity and desire to force technological constructs to meet your expressive inner nature. We're nice, open-minded, artistic people with a bubbling technolust, a hot soldering iron, and stinky armpits. This is a place to brainstorm, but really to handstorm. Bring your ideas, let's share and explore together. Feel free to gloat, show-off, scorn, mimic, embrace, or destroy. Hi.
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