-/\/\/- DORKBOT MEETING -\/\/\- Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 7:30pm Vendetta

By: breedx

2007-11-06 22:37:47

It's on like DONKEY KONG!

A group of like-minded dorkbot people will be conducting a casual social experiment over drinks at Vendetta at 7:30pm on Wednesday, 11/07.

Have you been thinking about coming to a dorkbot meeting but were afraid that your pocket protector was too small? Maybe you're interested in soldering up some LEDs to your theremin and controlling it all by dancing on a glass and metal grid upon which there are realtime video projections of youtube and google maps mashups of arduino powered mind control and hypnotic audio circuits? Maybe you smiled just a little too much the last time you got shocked......

We'll be there, geeking out. You should come. It'll be fun!

Even though this is a casual environment (no powerpoint), you're certainly welcome to bring a project or circuit or schematic or toy or computer or microcontroller for the enjoyment of the group!

See you tomorrow!

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