Current interests

By: blacklightblue

2008-08-08 23:20:24

Blue tooth to classic handsets.

I'd like to take a classic Rotory dial phone make it dial and call and ring the old ringer make real phone calls. a cell phone communicator on a classic phone

Analog synths (homebrew portables mainly)

Old classic electronics gadgets working with newer things

Making musical instruments.

I'm interested in helping drive the technicals into the steam punk movement. Real steam, real workings inside the look. I tinker the magic kinda idea.

Hydrogen generators/boosters. I am researching a hydrogen booster for cars. I'm thinking of making a spiral or a stainless steel wall plate version of the generator. building a PWM driver and a o2 / intake computer adjuster. put it in my car.

making / repairing / modifiy'n lighting and equipment

DMX technology

Motorized control for Stop motion animation

CDHK for G9 cameras.


Swing bikes / Tall bikes (Mountain) . My first bike I built was a swing bike and it was in service for around 3 yrs before it got stolen. I miss it. I would have a bad day, And I would get on it it would change my mood easily! I havent been able to get the time/modivation to build another one. Maybe a class is in order?

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