I am weak

By: alexis

2007-04-27 15:42:20

My grand plan to weld my own giant crawfish pot has been put on the...uh...backburner in the interest of actually eating crawfish (as opposed to merely thinking about eating crawfish). In the end, I was just too chicken to actually use a cheap pipe of unknown origin to eat out of. I also wanted to eat crawfish while they are still in season. So, yeah. I found myself scanning Amazon.com today for shiny 60qt pots. I suddenly became less puzzled by all the folks who approach me about dorkbotpdx with "uh...I've totally been watching and wanting to join, but you guys are just too hardcore for me, I mean, all I've ever built is a laser that can cut straight through a statue." In the past, I have found this hilarious, given that many of us can barely do the electrical equivalent of tying our own shoes...or...well, at least I can't, anyway. After this, though, I feel totally inadequate. "Yeah, I couldn't be bothered to weld a piece of flat metal to an already existing round tube...it just seemed so involved." On a positive note, this means that I will probably also be purchasing an 800,003,201 BTU propane flame thrower in order to heat said 60qts of water. So it's not all bad.
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