DorkBoard to TTL-232R adapter

By: aballen

2009-02-15 18:02:17

Well I got my first dorkboard up and running today. Pretty easy to assemble, and the form factor is unbelievable. I needed a programming adapter. The benito was a bit daunting to me as a hobbyist, so I decided to make an adapter for my existing usb to serial cable. I've used this cable on the boardunio, and the wee(predecessor to the arduino pro mini by sparkfun) so I figured it should be doable.

Thanks to IRC and a few helpful people I rigged something up, and added a capacitor to the board to get auto-reset to work, and it worked like a charm.

So off to eagle to make a prettier board, not on perf with wires hanging out. I also included the option to add the cap to the adapter where it really belongs, though if you want to put the cap on the board like I did, you can do that, and just use a jumper on the adapter.

I uploaded it to BatchPCB, so if anyone else wants one they can get it here

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