Call for works: DORKBOT PDX GROUP SHOW 2011

By: breedx

2011-06-10 23:16:28

---~~~/// DORKBOT PDX GROUP SHOW 2011 \\\~~~---

DorkbotPDX () is seeking works from people doing strange things with electricity for a group gallery show opening September 1, 2011 at the Styloid Process gallery (

The opening will be part of Portland's first Thursday art walk and will show through the month of September. Works will be curated by the gallery owner and DorkbotPDX overlords.

The deadline for submissions is July 15th, 11:59pm.

Primary preference will be given to works loosely classified as "electronic".

Secondary preference will be given to work on the principles of:


(bastardized from Merriam Webster)


  1.  : causal, logical, or contextual relation, sequence, or association
  2.  : a relation of personal intimacy
  3.  : coherence, continuity
  4.  : something that connects/communicates : link/transport
  5.  : a source of contraband (as illegal drugs)


  1.  : the state of being hung
  2.  : temporary removal (as from office or privileges)
  3.  : temporary withholding (as of belief or decision)
  4.  : temporary revocation of a law or rule
  5.  : a carried-over musical tone which results in momentary dissonance
  6.  : stoppage of payment of business obligations
  7.  : a rhetorical device whereby the principal idea is deferred to the end of a sentence or longer unit

This is a smallish gallery, so one of the goals is to abuse the vertical space. Ceiling, shelf-mounted, and hanging works experienced from below are blisteringly encouraged.

Artists should submit a brief (3-5 sentence) description of the work, dimensions, power/facilities requirements, and a 1 sentence bio or self- deprecating statement. Please provide photos, videos, and/or URLs as applicable.

Please send submissions/questions to: (503)-208-5433
and cc

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