Open Mic Surgery! 2012 12 17


When: Monday, December 17th, 2012 :: 8pm
Where: Someday Lounge (map) (just two doors down from Backspace)
Who: DorkbotPDX and YOU!
Cost: Free!  Open to the public!

We will be taking advantage of the audio/visual system to have an open-mic style event.  Think: OpenDork meets OpenMic.  Bring your own signal!

Signal ideas:

  • Music performance
  • Video (short film, realtime performance)
  • Ignite style quick talk
  • Reading source code
  • <your idea here>

To keep things moving, we're going to have slots that you sign up for.  We will try our best to stay on schedule and enforce the following limits:

Setup: 5 minutes
Performance: 8 minutes

To sign up, add your name to the table below.  We're trying to keep the audio and video slots independently available, so if you're performing some sound based work, someone else could present video work at the same time.  If this won't work for you (because it's a quick talk for example) sign up for both audio and video in that slot.

Slot 0 starts at 8pm.

Slot Time Audio Video
0 8:00 - 8:08pm   Brian Richardson
1 8:13 - 8:21pm Fred Knack Fred Knack
2 8:26 - 8:34pm Thomas Hudson Dan Lidral-Porter
3 8:39 - 8:47pm DJ Vlad Pantry Zach Archer
4 8:52 - 9:00pm Zack Dougherty Zack Dougherty
5 9:05 - 9:13pm Suspect Devices Suspect Devices
6 9:18 - 9:26pm Libbey White Libbey White
7 9:31 - 9:39pm jesse mejia jesse mejia
8 9:44 - 9:52pm edward sharp edward sharp
9 9:57 - 10:05pm infiltration lab  

* Weird Fiction had to cancel due to somewhat last minute issues, sorry!

We could also use volunteers to coordinate/document:

Videographer 1: <please sign up>

Videographer 2:  <please sign up>

Audio track coordinator: <please sign up>

Video track coordinator: <please sign up>

Might also be nice to have slides during setup to announce who is coming up?  Can you do this for us?  <please sign up>


DJIA - Audio

I have some stock market quotes I've been waiting to reveal... this will help me get in gear.. sign me up for an AUDIO slot..

sign up yourself!

You're supposed to sign up yourself by adding your own name to the above table, but I've taken the liberty of assigning you a slot.  See you then!  Thanks for signing up!!

LED strips demo

Hi guys,

I'm currently building some big LED-strip based visualizers.  They're self-contained, but should I sign up for a "video" slot for this? Thanks --tim

Tim, makes sense to me..  we

Tim, makes sense to me..  we may get together beforehand to see what audio mixes with video the best and get it going that way. But sign up!  Can't wait to see it!