Mailing Lists

The following email lists have been established to facilitate communication between members. The archive links go to Google Groups repositories that were set up to make archives of the lists available -- feel free to subscribe to those, but please be aware that in order to post to the list, you will have to subscribe through Mailman, which is the first link provided for each list.

Dorkbot PDX announcement list

Low volume, moderated list focused on group announcements such as events, workshops, and lectures.

Dorkbot PDX blabber

General, unmoderated discussion list about projects, ideas, meetings, technical things, cross postings, and banter.

Note: The mailing lists are archived via Google Groups to provide both a searchable archive and RSS feeds for those interested. Due to the way this link works, though, you can NOT post from the Google Groups. So if you subscribe to those and then wonder why you can't post to the list, please do not send us email wondering why things are not working. You must subscribe via the Mailman interfaces linked via the list names above.