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Submitted by zyrkyr on Fri, 2012-10-26 16:10


   Looking for help testing / troubleshooting a project I've been working on; it's a CNC machine I built from a kit (  It's assembled and wired, but doesn't respond properly when connected to a PC (via parallel port).  Either I've mis-wired it, or something is defective...

   Help me get this working, and I may be able to make some custom parts for you!  e.g. circuit boards - see video of the same machine in action here:

   The circuitry consists of three controller boards (each running to a stepper motor for X/Y/Z axes); nothing too complicated, but I don't have the background to figure out why it's behaving the way it is... 

      - Alan

CNC Wiring

Submitted by Cliff Schuring on Wed, 2013-04-24 12:37


Located information and simple way of making you project possible with the materials you have limited your self to.  Shows you how to make a simple real simple tune able Capacitor to improve you system. This I also believe fits in you needed paremeters.


And this site by using two diodes will give you a little more power to drive a "Speaker" Don't used a transfomer wind a speaker like was discussed in the meeting using you ohm meter to get the resistance needed ( less loss ) and use a large flat diaphram to create the sound cone ( concept and instructions to increase power without amp here)

Good Luck