Frequently Asked Questions

Dork ''what''?

Dorkbot. It's people doing strange things with electricity.

In Portland.

Are you dorks just about robots?

No. Definitely no.

Do you dorks all build robots?

No. Although some do.

What, besides robots, do people in this group do?

We make and tinker and experiment.  We do a lot of things.

Some examples: light art, wearable computers, circuit bending, hardware hacking, interactive art, new media, synthesizer invention, insect counting, generative software, etc., etc.

Some of us, believe it or not, don't do anything even remotely robot related.

So, what's up with the name?

It's a historical thing. Ask Douglas Repetto (founder of the original Dorkbot in NYC) if you really want to know. 

I posted a question as a comment on an obscure part of this site. Why don't I get an answer ?!?!

Unless someone actively ready the rss feed or monitors the site changes no one will notice. If you want instant answers ask your question in the #dorkbbotpdx IRC channel.

If you can wait a little bit you can post to the dorkbotpdx blabber mailing list.

My dad builds solar systems for off grid houses. He tried some tracking systems and found that the cost benefit ratio was not enough, especiialy considering the poor reliability of the tracker.  Modern PV panels are just not that sensitive to angle, but if you are doing parabolic reflective water heater, sure it really matters. For PV, you can get 90% if the bang for the buck by just having a manual adjustment that you move the rack twice a year.  Sure it is not as cool, but just sayin..