Introduction to Pure Data (Pd)

An Introduction to Pure Data

DorkbotPDX is happy to offer a free workshop as an introduction to Pure Data (Pd).

When: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014. 1-5pm

Where: Flux 412 NW Couch Street, #222 (map)

Bring: A laptop and headphones

Instructors: Jesse Mejia, Alex Norman, Jason Plumb, Edward Sharp

Solar Bling

I like to put my projects on Instructables and I wanted to share this recent post.

Its 2.5V 10F Super Capacitor, Solar Charged, and Attiny85 charge controller and LED blinker.

Arduino SMS device

I'm working on an SMS device that is programmed in the Arduino IDE and uses a tiny chorded keyboard for input, a SIM900 GSM module to accept standard AT commands, and a Nokia5110 LCD to display output. I stopped by earlier this evening and Paul (thanks Paul!) helped me debug. I've posted a thread on the forum but basically I'm having trouble getting my sketch to run in the tiny 2K of RAM available on the ATmega328.

DC Motor Controller for an Electric Bicycle (ebike)

I designed and built a motor controller for my ebike (after the original Chinese-made controller failed).  I wrote an instructable about the build here:

USB charging port for an ebike

I ride an electric bicycle that uses a 48V battery for it's energy source and there have been times when it would have been convenient to have a USB charging port (for charging my phone or any other other device that can recharge from a USB port).  So I built this USB charging port (basically a DC-to-DC converter capable of handling up to 60V input voltage).  I used the OSH Park circuit board prototyping service which worked perfectly.  I wrote an instructable about the build here:

DorkbotPDX exquisite corpse, at BYTE ME 2014.

Before Backspace closed, we managed to show this off:

DorkbotPDX Untitled Exquisite Corpse from breedx on Vimeo.

The project will be at the 2014 BYTE ME show on Jan 3rd, at the Afru Gallery.

Next meeting Venue Change: Bunk Bar SE.

Just a quick note:  Next Monday we meet at Bunk Bar on the inner east side, at 7:00pm.  You can find a map to Bunk Bar here.  Harry Dean Stanton will be waiting for you.

 A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.

Battery Pack Load

I purchased a cheap USB power pack, thinking it would be ideal for powering small projects.  But it automatically shuts off if the device isn't drawing a lot of power, since it's meant for charging cell phones.

Here's a 2 transistor circuit I built this morning that keeps it on with very little battery drain by using brief pulses.

Click "Read more" for the schematic, design details, and a PCB.....

Encoder Library Testing

In a recent forum conversation, it was suggested my Encoder library has only been tested with rotary knobs and "lab" signals, not a high-res encoder turned by a motor, implying it might not work "in the real world".  So I build this little test board and made a quick YouTube video!

Prime Numbers the Hard Way

There's an artsy dude who got his Kickstarter mentioned on boingboing.  The project is a little mechanical counter with some smarts built in: every time you press a button, it computes and displays the next prime number.  It's $120.

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