Dorkboard assembly tutorial is online

dorkboard assembly

I've placed a brief Dorkboard assembly tutorial online. It's my first attempt at a photo documented circuit tutorial, so feedback is always welcome.

I'm sure there are nuances/subtleties that I've missed...please report them and make the page better!

DS1307 breakout, bottom

DS1307 breakout, bottom

bottom of assembled breakout board

DS1307 RTC Breakout Board Rev 1


As part of my clock project (yet to be documented) I needed an accurate real time clock (RTC). I selected the Maxim(Dallas) DS1307. I based the decision mostly on it's popularity and because of the availability of C libraries for the AVR. Sparkfun has breakout board that's similar to this but i didn't feel like paying $20 plus shipping for such a simple board (plus I think that Don's parsimony is rubbing off on me a little). In addition I wanted integrated pull-up resistors in the i2c lines.

DS1307 breakout, layout

DS1307 breakout, layout

parts layout for my DS1307 breakout board

DS1307 breakout, top

DS1307 breakout, top

Top of myDS1307 breakout board showing crystal and clock

DS1307 breakout, board only

Cables for DorkbotPDX Programmers (updated for Duce).

In the course of the Arduino Cult Induction series and the group purchases, I have evolved several versions of the DorkbotPDX programmer and released them into the wild. Unfortunately the pinouts for the programming cable have evolved with the programmers so the cables are unique to each. With the Duce, the pinout is based on a standard (the stk500) and will not change. .

Here is a quick guide to cables for the DorkbotPDX programming boards for the rbba and the dorkboard.

Benito7 rev G

midi on the avr

I've posted some of the code I've been using for midi on an avr chip [atmega16]. It should work on other avr chips with little or no modification. I'd love it if others would test it out and and contribute.

I've included a little bit of info and some example code here:

Remote contol

I have been working on the chassis of a larger robot design just for fun, and I have run into a bit of a problem. Can anyone think of a simple (and cheap) way for me to take 12vdc in and output 5-7v to control pins. The forward/reverse and right/left are controlled by a joystick right now. So in the resting position the voltage on the control pins is ~6v full forward is about ~6.95v and full reverse is ~5.05v. The same holds true for right and left. I want to do this using a rc car controller.

Arduino Midi Anyone?

I'm new to Arduino (and this group) and would like to create a Midi controller using this interesting new circuitry. Any information about what I might want to purchase to get started would be just grand. My goal is to create a Midi Concertina Accordion controller much like this one: , only using Arduino. If successful, I imagine a small Midi band meeting late evening upstairs at the Lucky Lab in Multnomah Village. I too work with electron microscopes . . . must be something in the water here in the NW? Cheers, BD

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