New pin arrangement

New pin arrangement

A test board

A test board

LCD - almost working

I'm getting close to making the LCDs work from Ben's Micro 2700 POS terminals (several of them are still up for grabs). Here's a photo.

More photos and technical details below...

First, I cut out almost all the chips. Here's a photos taken before I chopped all the chips off.

DorkbotPDX Open Lab -- Sunday, September 28th at PNCA

Come one! Come all! To the first DorkbotPDX Open Lab, generously hosted by the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

As the name suggests, this is an open lab for working on whatever projects you want to work on. It's a great place to show off works-in-progress, get help with a troublesome project, or to lend your expertise to someone doing something cool. It is also an opportunity for people who have paid for other workshops to follow up with anything that needs more work.

Bring your art projects, that could use the spark of electricity!
Bring your electronics projects, that could use a touch of art!

Bring your Arduinos! Your Dorkboards! Your PICs! Your ARMs! Bring some extra exclamation points! Seriously. I'm running out here.

Bring your soldering irons, your passives, your actives, and your power supplies and power strips. Bring your imagination, and the stuff to make it happen.

Time: 1pm to 5pm, Sunday, September 28th
Place:PNCA, Room 205

XR2206 Function Generator

While in Norvac The other day I was browsing in the IC section and came across this little gem:


I think it was the Jim-Pak packaging that did it (Jim-Pak was a single serving component vendor that has sadly gone the way of the sort of places that sold it)

GBC H110 Laminator



PC board etched out using the toner transfer paper method. Left side is plain, right side used Green TRF

part of

Laminators, Green TRF, and You

I've always made PCB's by the Photo fab method, with varying but never entirely satisfactory results. I was also somewhat put off by the need to buy pre-sensitized boards, at ridiculous prices. at a meeting earlier this year I was talking to Don ( feurig ) about it and he suggested I try the Toner Transfer Method (note reverent capitals).

Overheard at dorkbot last night...

The following was heard over a soldering iron at our casual Dorkbot gathering last night:

"Christ, that night in the underwear was covered in ferric chloride stains."

Heh.  :) I couldn't stop laughing....only at Dorkbot!

Some of the tiniest soldering I've ever done

In the last week or two I've been doing some of the smallest soldering I've ever attempted.

It all started with the KOLPXNTY board I've been designing and prototyping. I won't dive into detail here (maybe later!?), but the basic goal is to trigger a fairly large number of circuit bent devices from a networked computer.


I'll put up a documentation page if/when it's more relevant.

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