DorkbotPDX 0x01

DorkbotPDX 0x01 will be taking place on March 30th at the PNCA Graduate Studios building (1432 NW Johnson St.). We are planning to start things around 6, though there will probably be time to socialize a bit before the talks start.

Note: If possible, please RSVP over on Upcoming.

The lineup of speakers is:

  • Cathy Swider - Using LEGO Mindstorm NXT robots with students to create art
  • Ward Cunningham - What If Bacteria Designed Computers?
  • David Frech - Bootstrap yourself into conviviality by writing your own Forth

Neat! Sounds! Lights!

Finally got out of my box and attended a meeting, and wow. Neat stuff, the little breadboard hooked up to a TV showing all kinds of bars and squares was fascinating. Jason's Mylar speaker balloons were way cool, too, at least until smoking the little transformers he was using.

So supposedly there is a DorkBot event on March 30th, at PNCA, with presentations and such. Or maybe I heard Thomas wrong. Looking for more details, found none on web. Eyes open, mind alert. Will get Maxwell over there for robot representation.

Many toys have been purchased for the workshop

A couple of weeks ago, we hit the bins and obtained more than 50lbs (a pretty full shopping cart) of toys. The workshop should have plenty of fun and noisy things to hack apart. I'm continuously amazed at just how many toys have sound making devices embedded in them now...

Meeting Thursday, Jan. 3rd, 7PM @ Backspace

Ok, so here's the scoop: tomorrow night (that's Thursday for those who aren't keeping count) we're going to be getting down for some tried and true geekery at everyone's favorite downtown hacker hangout, Backspace.

So, bring yourself and your hacked gear down and show off your 1337 skills. We'll be sitting around staring at our monitors until you show up. Be there at 7PM if you want the good seats! Bring a friend or two for bonus points. ;~)

TechShop is coming to Portland!

So, it's come to my attention (thanks to Audrey and Mark) that TechShop is going to be opening a Portland facility sometime in the middle of 2008. For those of you who don't know about it, TechShop is pure geek heaven. It's a DIY facility that stocks the tools to build pretty much anything. You can become a member at various levels and have access to everything from machine tools to laser cutters and probably any sort of woodworking device you can imagine. Guy Kawasaki did a great walk through of the original Menlo Park location.

faded china

faded china

stacked kaleidoscopic tiles







Announcing: Haywire :: The circuit bending workshop

I will be hosting a 5+ hour circuit bending workshop on Jan 27th, 2008 at PNCA. There is a flyer being printed:


And there is a general information page available at . Please start to spread the word...

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