Flip flop operated PVC Pipes

Flip flop operated PVC Pipes

Built for sound. Beautiful sounding bass sound. tuned PVC pipes. hit with flip flops.

That was me busking at Last thursday under the awning of acme glass.

Current interests

Blue tooth to classic handsets.

I'd like to take a classic Rotory dial phone make it dial and call and ring the old ringer make real phone calls. a cell phone communicator on a classic phone

Analog synths (homebrew portables mainly)

Old classic electronics gadgets working with newer things

Making musical instruments.

I'm interested in helping drive the technicals into the steam punk movement. Real steam, real workings inside the look. I tinker the magic kinda idea.

Soundlab Minisynth+

Soundlab Minisynth+

Missing Links and Moments of Truth.

Missing Links.

One of the joys of the Arduino Cult Induction Sessions is that mistakes and omissions are generally caught on the spot and there is no lag between the steps we forgot to include an the instructions and the person who's board isn't working.

Dorkboard assembly tutorial is online

dorkboard assembly

I've placed a brief Dorkboard assembly tutorial online. It's my first attempt at a photo documented circuit tutorial, so feedback is always welcome.

I'm sure there are nuances/subtleties that I've missed...please report them and make the page better!

DS1307 breakout, bottom

DS1307 breakout, bottom

bottom of assembled breakout board

DS1307 RTC Breakout Board Rev 1


As part of my clock project (yet to be documented) I needed an accurate real time clock (RTC). I selected the Maxim(Dallas) DS1307. I based the decision mostly on it's popularity and because of the availability of C libraries for the AVR. Sparkfun has breakout board that's similar to this but i didn't feel like paying $20 plus shipping for such a simple board (plus I think that Don's parsimony is rubbing off on me a little). In addition I wanted integrated pull-up resistors in the i2c lines.

DS1307 breakout, layout

DS1307 breakout, layout

parts layout for my DS1307 breakout board

DS1307 breakout, top

DS1307 breakout, top

Top of myDS1307 breakout board showing crystal and clock

DS1307 breakout, board only

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