Morse Code XMas Lights w/ Message Submission!

You can add messages here.

I know I can't be the first one to do this, but I did it anyways. The pieces (with source) involved are:

  • PHP script on the server to accumulate messages to display
  • A Python script that polls the webserver and grabs new messages. Then it sends it to an old Arduino I have laying around.
  • An arduino + sketch with a relay to control the xmas lights
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Ring a phone and create a wireless doorbell

Hey check this project out! This invention with an Arduino is priceless. I enjoyed reading about the doorbell phone with the writer stating he didn't have a use for a landline phone any longer and wanted to put the phone to good use. He came up with this idea when his girlfriend was searching for antiques when she came across this old telephone. Enclosed is the link to his website,

Heh! I've already got the

Heh! I've already got the chip mentioned in the article. I'm going to turn my old (really old, it's got to be from the 20's or something) phone into a doorbell / hour chime for my Chronulator (