DorkbotPDX Bus Pirate Group Order!


Dangerous Prototype's Bus Pirate, several members of our humble band have decided to put together a group order for components to build out own Bus Pirates.

As of this writing, our component and PCB order totals more than 10 Bus Pirates. The greater number we have, the better the component prices (in many cases) will be.

Why are you doing a group order instead of just buying them? The easy answer is of course price. However, price isn't really what's driven us to make this order. We're putting our board order through [PCB Order], which means the boards will be manufactured in the US. Secondly, we like to build stuff, and teach people how to build stuff. Purchasing our own components and our own boards gives us the opportunity to hold a hotplate reflow party, and make our own devices.

But shouldn't Dangerous Prototypes be compensated for their work? Absolutely. That's why we've chosen to each chip in a bit extra and send Ian Lesnet something for his hard work.

How much? It'll be somewhere around $15 + shipping (if you need it shipped). We won't have an exact price until we know how many people want to get a board (or a couple of boards). Once we have a count, we can determine quantity prices.

Okay, I want to get one too. What do I do? Shoot an email to [Peek], he's handling the organization of who wants how many. The cutoff for requesting one is February 10 (2012, if it's not obvious). After that we'll organize how to get your portion of the cost into the group purchase.

If you're outside the PDX area you're welcome to join us, but you may have a slightly higher price for shipping, and you'll miss out on the reflow party.


Bus Pirate Group Order update

This group order has been a huge success. I thought we'd get between 10 and 20 orders. 46 people ordered boards, so we will get 50+ pricing on the parts.

The PCBs are on order, graciously donated by our very own group PCB order service. Thank you @laen!

I am ordering parts this week. Instructions on how to get money to me to pay for the kits have been sent out via the DorkbotPDX blabber mailing list and direct email to those not on the list.

The build party is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of March 10-11. I hope to see many of you there!

Bus Pirate Group Order update #2

Time for another update, and it's all good news.

The PCB panel was done in record time, so I met @laen and got the bare boards today. The parts also arrived today (I thought I was ordering them early!). I took inventory and it seems that we have everything. Its pretty exciting for me to see all those parts on my table.

Scott, Jim, Monty and I are going to try building a board or four this weekend to make sure everything checks out. If you come to the meeting at Backspace on the 12th, you can see how the boards look.

Scott has got ADX scheduled for the DorkbotPDX Bus Pirate Build Party on Sunday, March 18th. The build will be done in two groups so we don't overflow the space by all being there at once. One will start at noon, the other at 3pm. Send Scott your RSVP so he can get a head count and try to balance the number of people in each group.

If you are coming in the first group, please bring scissors. I'm going to ask folks to help cut the parts up for the kits. If some people bring tweezers and magnifiers, that will helpful. If you have volunteered to bring a soldering iron or a PICKIT programmer, please don't forget to bring them.

It seems to all be coming together. I'm looking forward to a great Build Party at ADX. See you there!

Bus Pirate Group Order update #3

The four of us plus my daughter got together today for a build party dry run.

All the parts fit and the stencils work fine!

I do need to update the build instructions with what we learned during the dry run. But I am relieved that the parts are correct and nothing needs to be re-ordered.

We were not able to run the self test today, as no one had a Chipkit to program the boot loader. Scott was able to verify the programming interface is operating by pinging the part for its signature. The PWR LED came on, so we know we have the LED polarity figured out.

If someone could bring a PICkit to the Backspace meeting on March 12th, we can load the bootloader and give the boards we built a final checkout.

Don't for get to bring a PICkit to the build party if you have one!

I suggest bringing SMT tweezers and a magnifier if you have them. There are 53 SMT parts you will have to place on your board. That will likely be the slowest stage of the build, so the more people that can work in parallel, the better.

Bus Pirate Group Order update #4

Scott, Monty, and Jim have been hard at work this past week working out the issues with programming the boards. Scott and Monty have succeeded in getting their Bus Pirates programmed. So now we know they can be programmed. Good work guys!

Thus, all the pieces are in place for success for the build party next Sunday!

I will be at Dorkbot tomorrow to get my Bus Pirate programmed and to collect funds if anyone wants to get that out of the way.