Last night I released OctoWS2811 ... after spending pretty much all Sunday making this 3 minute video:

Everyone at the meetup a couple weeks ago saw this right when it was first showing video.  Since then, pretty much all the work has been on the documentation and minor code improvements.


That is a heck of a day job you have Paul... :)

great job.

display gamma?

Just curious what "gamma" setting you use for your LED display. It's hard to tell from a video or still frame, but I'm wondering if you have it adjusted to give the most realistic (accurate?) image.   If you show an exposure wedge, a set of evenly spaced gray tones from full black to full white, do the grays around 50% look like you would expect?  The video suggests the mid-tones may be a bit bright, but that might be due to the video camera instead of the display.